• Enterprise Justice Solutions

    Amicus is the first to offer solutions that serve the entire justice enterprise from law enforcement, through the prosecutor and clerk, to probation.
  • Enterprise Justice Solutions

    Our case process management (TAGCPM) solution is the first to enable clients complete control over the customization and configuration of the entire system.
  • Enterprise Justice Solutions

    With TAGCPM, all legislative changes are maintained by us and are made available to all clients.
  • Enterprise Justice Solutions

    TAGCPM manages case data at a higher level than traditional systems, automating much of the justice process.


The Amicus Group (TAG) is a team of experienced justice and case management system (CMS) integrators providing professional and technical services to courts, justice agencies, and the court vendor community.

We are front line veterans of over 200 of the most demanding and successful case management implementations in the United States over the last fifteen (15) years. From single courts to statewide implementations we have faced and resolved routine issues as well the unexpected challenges that are part of technology initiatives.

Our revolutionary approach to case management provides the industry’s first Enterprise Justice Solution that expands beyond the courts providing a single, highly customizable system that serves the entire justice process.

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