Our Company

The Amicus Group (TAG) is a team of experienced justice and case management system (CMS) integrators providing professional and technical services to the courts, justice agencies, and the court vendor community.

Founded in 2008, the company maintains offices in Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus. All of our employees have previously served court and law enforcement agencies.

With over a century of combined experience our staff has been part of the design, development, and implementation of three (3) generations of case management and justice related software solutions. From the character based applications of the 1980s, the client/server systems of the 1990s, and the browser based applications of today, our team has played a vital role in advancing the power of technology to meet the changing needs of America’s justice system.

Over the last 15 years our team has:

  • Developed a myriad of CMS applications to create state of the art integrated justice solutions which facilitate data exchanges between courts and related justice agencies.
  • Completed over 200 successful case management implementations throughout the United States.
  • Evaluated the capacity, functionality, and sustainability of most major COTS CMS applications and over 100 custom solutions.
  • Managed the implementation of hardware infrastructures, networks, and communication facilities to support a diverse range of technical architectures required to support the deployment of CMS solutions.

Our mission is to improve the efficiency, quality, and return on investment of court technology initiatives. Changing needs, new requirements, and new technologies demand innovative solutions and new approaches to managing complex system implementations.

We have the knowledge and specialized skills which will enable us to deliver an efficient, effective, and affordable solution. We bring a national reputation, decades of relevant experience, and high standards of excellence to the work we do.

Most importantly, every member of our team is committed to delivering the power of technology in a business model that is fair, fiscally responsible, and reflects our dedication to the justice community.