Our software solutions are supported by the TAG Toolkit a justice framework that serves as the cornerstone of a sustainable information technology ecosystem. Frameworks accommodate third party solutions as well as custom applications in service oriented architecture providing significant improvements in productivity, performance, reliability and interoperability. The primary benefit of a framework is its ability to support open source software.

Open source software is generally defined as software whose source code is available under a license that permits users to study, change, and improve the software, and to redistribute it in a modified or unmodified form. Key elements that make it particularly attractive to courts include:

  • Greater interoperability: Open standards make it easier to share information than with proprietary systems;
  • Eliminates lock-in: Open source provides flexibility by eliminating platform and vendor lock-in;
  • Higher level of security: Open source software tends to be more reliable and more secure than closed-source equivalents, and most importantly;
  • Lower total cost of ownership: Open source software can provide lower TCO compared to traditional closed source software.

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Case Management

Todays justice agencies need more value from their data and software systems. Our revolutionary approach to case management provides the industry’s first Enterprise Justice Solution that expands beyond the courts providing a single, highly customizable system that serves the entire justice process.

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Document Imaging

With shrinking budgets, how can courts realize the efficiencies afforded by document imaging and workflow? Our Case Document Management (TAGCDM) solution addresses the issue of shrinking budgets through responsible product pricing and is designed to work with your existing case management system.

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Electronic Processing

The need for electronic services is growing every day. Whether you’re looking for electronic filing, electronic discovery, legacy system modernization, or a solution unique to your organization, TAG is prepared to meet those needs with our growing line of Electronic Processing solutions.

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