Case Management

The Concepttag1

The Amicus Case Process Manager (TAGCPM) solution is the first solution that addresses the needs of the entire justice enterprise. TAGCPM manages data throughout the entire case lifecycle beginning with law enforcement, through prosecutor, clerks, judges, and ending with probation.

TAGCPM reflects the simple reality that:

  • Every legal proceeding begins and ends with a document, and
  • Every document is associated with defined events and tasks.


How It Works

Activities are spawned based on the specific events and tasks associated with the document being processed. For example the filing of a complaint (document) initiates a new case (event) which may require the assignment of a case number and judge, the collection of filing fees, issuance of summons, and other activities (tasks).



In addition to events and tasks, the lifecycle of a legal proceeding may also involve human resources and locations, and the scheduling of both depending on the event or task.


Adaptive Technology

System configuration is controlled through a series of code tables that are accessible to authorized users. During the initial implementation TAG’s court analysts will configure the system to initiate tasks, schedule resources, and generate notices and reports based on your court’s current practices and preferences.