Services offered by TAG are designed to ensure your continued success by providing fiscally responsible solutions that are relevant to your needs.

Maintenance and Support

The TAG team of professionals includes CMS experts with knowledge of many of the widely used case management systems. Given our exposure to the many different systems as well as the vast array of court business process, TAG can offer supplemental support of your current CMS as well as replace you current maintenance and support provider.
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Systems Integration

Many organizations today are faced with multiple, distinct systems requiring manual work to synchronize data. This equates to loss of efficiencies as users are forced to manually input and update data across two or more applications. By integrating these systems you can make available your most important resource – your people.
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Project Oversight Services

Knowing the right questions can make or break a technology project. How do you know you’re getting what you paid for? How do you know that a prescribed solution will fit the needs of your organization? Seasoned project managers will agree that project oversight is becoming more common as the complexity of technology projects increases each year. TAG can provide the necessary oversight services for you technology projects no matter their size.
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