Project Oversight

What questions should I be asking my vendor?

Knowing the right questions can make or break a technology project. How do you know you’re getting what you paid for? How do you know that a prescribed solution will fit the needs of your organization? Seasoned project managers will agree that project oversight is becoming more common as the complexity of technology projects increases each year. TAG can provide the necessary oversight services for you technology projects no matter their size.

As each project phase is initiated, the Amicus project manager will create an initial Risk Breakdown Structure, which is similar to a project work breakdown and organizes risks in a hierarchical structure. The project teams will review these risks and identify additional, more specific risks during the detail work-planning process. Once the risks have been identified and categorized, it is important to document these risks for tracking and monitoring throughout the project life cycle. A continuous process must be established in the project to help ensure that project risks at each level of the project structure correlate and are integrated. Contact us at any time to learn more.